Philadelphia Home Oil Delivery

Oil Patch Fuel Is Fully Insured to service your Philadelphia heating Oil Tank and Equipment

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Heating oil delivery

Not only do we have the best pricing on low-sulfur heating oil, we also pride ourselves on the efficiency and reliability of our delivery drivers. Our heating oil delivery equipment is calibrated annually by the state of Pennsylvania for total accuracy, and each customer is given a printout listing the time/date of the delivery along with the amount of heating oil delivered.

Heater primes

In order to remove excess air from your heating system and prevent air pressure from building in your tank, it’s crucial to have your heater primed after every delivery. You can perform this yourself or Oil Patch Fuel can perform the prime for you.

Tank service

With over 30 years’ experience in the home heating oil industry, our fully-insured heater and tank maintenance service can repair broken or non-functioning oil tanks, heaters, and boilers and can get your heating system up and running. We also perform burner cleanouts.

Off-Road Diesel / On-Road Diesel

Not only do we service Philadelphia home oil customers, we also deliver off-road and on-road diesel to job sites and fleets. Visit our off-road site to learn more.

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