How to Prime a Heater

How to Prime a Heater

1. First press the red “reset” button on the furnace. If there are two lines coming from your tank the pump should bleed itself.

2. If the reset button does not restart it: Turn the furnace switch to the “off” position.

3. Turn your thermostat up so the temperature is set above the current temperature of the house.

4. Locate the bleeder valve by following the pipe that connects your oil tank to your oil furnace. The bleeder valve should be a nut that will require a 3/8 wrench.

5. Loosen the nut with the wrench and use a small container under the valve to catch the oil that will bleed out.

6. Turn the furnace back to “On”. Oil should begin to run steadily out of the valve and into your container.

7. Tighten the bleeder valve back up with the wrench and your furnace should start.

8. The oil in your small container can be poured back into your tank so none is wasted.

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