Oil Patch Fuel is the leading heating oil provider and comfort service for Philadelphia and Delaware County. Our 20 plus years of experience results in safe, efficient, and timely heating oil deliveries.

heating-oil-delaware-countyWe offer:

    • Lowest Prices
    • Same Day Delivery
    • No contracts Required
    • Free Tank Inspections
    • 24 Hour Customer Service
    • Decades of Experience

Best Priced Heating Oil and Same Day Delivery

All of our heating oil and diesel fuel is the highest quality with the lowest amount of sulfur content. Not only do we have the highest quality heating oil but we offer it at the lowest price in Philadelphia and Delaware County and can deliver it to your home the same day you place your heating oil order.

The reason we are able to offer same day delivery and provide the best quality heating oil for the lowest price is that we load directly from the refineries. There are no middle-men involved. Our drivers load their trucks with heating oil at the refinery and bring that same truck to your home on the same day.

Over 30 Years in Business

Choosing a heating oil company means picking one that is reliable and trusted. Oil Patch Corp has been delivering heating oil in Philadelphia for over 30 years and is a trusted name in the area for heating oil service.

Customer Service

You will always get a live customer service representative on the phone when you call. We have 24 hour customer service to give you the latest heating oil prices, schedule your delivery as soon as possible, or schedule emergency service for your heater if it is not working.

Reliable Deliveries

Our trucks are equipped with GPS and digital meters that print the customer a ticket which shows exactly how much heating oil we delivered. These meters are calibrated yearly by the state of Pennsylvania.

Service Team

Our service department does not require contracts. We offers cleanings, tune ups, and efficiency tests for your heating oil burner. They are also available if something goes wrong with your heater. Oil Patch’s service department is fully insured and professional.

Energy Assistance

We are proud partners of the LIHEAP program and city Crisis. These programs offer grants to assist Philadelphia area households with their heating oil bills. Oil Patch accepts both forms of energy assistance from the local and state level and will deliver your heating oil when your grant is approved. Fill out an application and see if you qualify for assistance this year.

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