How to Prime Your Heater

1. Turn your thermostat all the way up. This will ensure the heater is on.

2. Press the “Reset” button. This may restart your heater. If it does not restart continue following these steps.

3. Locate the bleeder valve. There will be a hex nut on the end of it.

4. Place a small container under the valve to catch the oil that will bleed out.

5. Use a 3/8th wrench and loosen the nut at the end of the bleeder valve. (Do not remove the nut, only loosen it.)

6. Turn the furnace back to “On” or hit the “Reset” button again if there is no “On” switch. Oil should begin to sputter out into your container.

7. When the oil starts to form a steady flow into your container quickly turn the heater off and tighten the bleeder valve.

8. Wait a few minutes and then turn the heater back on by switching it “On” or hitting the “Reset” button. Your heater should start right up.